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Our history in Spiez

1902 to 1903     
Johann Jakob Thönen-Zwahlen built the "Hotel Kurhaus and Pension Blüemlisalp" in Art Nouveau (Belle Epoque).

In October Franz Xaver Zölch buys the hotel including the oven and ice house.

The "Hotel Kurhaus and Pension Blüemlisalp" is renamed "Hotel Kurhaus Eden".

After the death of his wife Marie Josephine, Xaver Zölch is supported by his daughter Elsa and the two sons Willy and Charles as well as the niece Josefine. 

Charles Zölch and his wife Elisabeth Zölch-Dorer take over the management of the house after the death of Franz Zölch.

In winter the house is extensively renovated. In the front rooms bathrooms with toilets will be installed. The exterior appearance is completely changed by the new roof shape and the new balconies and is modernized according to the spirit of the time. 

After the death of Charles Zölch, Elsa and Hans Huwiler-Zölch take over the management of the hotel.

1977 to 2003
Charles Zölch takes over the hotel and runs it together with his mother Elisabeth Zölch-Dorer. After her death he runs the hotel together with his wife Gabi until 2003. 

2004 to 2005 
The current owner Lisbeth Mathys-Sieber discovered the house in 2004. The purchase contract between the buyer Lisbeth Mathys-Sieber and the Zölch community of heirs is signed on 14 April 2005.

After total reconstruction and renovation, the hotel will open on 25 September under the name "Single-Hotel Eden, Spiez" as the first Swiss hotel for single travellers with now 45 rooms in year-round operation.  

Due to its future positioning as a seminar hotel, the term "single" will disappear from the name. Travellers travelling alone will continue to be given preferential treatment.

2008 to 2010
The new conference centre with parking garage and greenhouse is being built on the site of the former Dépendence and will open in March 2010.

Lisbeth Mathys buys the property "Streit". The residence with apartments, a fitness area with cardio equipment, a wine bar and a beauty salon is built.

The new guest areas - the "ParkSide" restaurant, the Smokers Lounge, the lake terrace and the Eden Spa with its outdoor brine bath with fountain of youth water will be ceremonially opened on 17 November. 

In the existing hotel park with herb and flower gardens, new sunbathing areas and an additional pavilion invite guests to linger. Active experiences are offered by the new barefoot adventure trail and a level action area is suitable for team events or celebrations of all kinds.