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Eden Spa & Wellness

Water and salt - original sources of life.

Water is the basis for life on earth. In nature, water is rarely pure, but contains mostly dissolved parts of salts and organic compounds. In the Eden Spa we have taken up the life-giving combination of water and salt and integrated it into our offer.

The highlight of the Eden Spa is the unique outdoor brine bath with structured fountain of youth water. A large panoramic indoor pool, the salt room, steam bath, Finnish and bio saunas as well as experience showers, beautiful rest areas for relaxation and treatment rooms for massages complete the wellness world at the Hotel Eden Spiez.

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Brine bath with fountain of youth water

The Badox Regenerating Brine Bath is a wellness treatment for optimal regeneration with Fountain of Youth water: using a special technology, the water is restructured and then has a hexagonal structure, which corresponds to a natural spring water. It feels velvety and silky, contains more oxygen and is additionally mixed with pure brine from salt works in Switzerland. This harmonises excess energy that the body has absorbed through external influences such as WLAN rays, electro smog etc. and gives you back a vital feeling of well-being.

A bath in the brine water strengthens the immune system, relieves the joints, relaxes the muscles and has a positive effect on the blood circulation and the vegetative nervous system. The minerals are absorbed osmotically by the skin and toxins are flushed out. Bathing in 33 degree warm water has a great recreational effect and can help with sleep disorders and concentration problems.

Temperature: approx. 33° C

Dwell time: approx. 10-20 minutes

Effect: The Badox regenerating brine bath is a wellness treatment for optimum regeneration with Fountain of Youth water

Age: only recommended from the age of 14

Salt room with Himalaya salt stones

The indoor climate in the salt room is similar to that of the sea, with high humidity, salty air and pleasant temperature. Brine from the Dead Sea is nebulized in the room. This has a positive effect on skin and respiratory tract. Relax on heated loungers with changing light moods.

Temperature: approx. 25-30° C room temperature, heated beds

Humidity: 70% of the air

Dwell time: approx. 20 minutes

Effect: Moisture is good for the skin, the salty air has a positive influence on the respiratory system, reduces blood pressure.

Steam bath, bio sauna and Finnish sauna

The hot Finnish sauna offers your body the additional positive effect of a wall of Himalayan salt stones. These stones are not only visually attractive: with its 84 chemical elements, Himalayan salt contains a similar mixture ratio to human blood. Furthermore, the salt has a positive energetic vibration for the human organism. These two additional properties support the Finnish sauna in its immune-strengthening, cleansing, detoxifying and circulation-promoting effects. 

The gentler bio-sauna also relaxes and purifies, but has a less stressful effect on the circulation and stimulates the vegetative nervous system with light and scent.

In the steam bath your skin enjoys gentle heat and plenty of moisture, while the steam with essential oils soothes the respiratory tract.

Finnish sauna: temperature 80-90° C, humidity 5-10%, once or several times about 10-15 minutes

Bio sauna: temperature 40-50° C, humidity 40-45%, once or several times approx. 20-30 minutes

Steam bath: temperature approx. 40° C, humidity 80 - 100%, residence time approx. 15-20 minutes

Age restriction: from 18 years

Adventure showers in the sauna area

At Eden Spa, showering is so much more than just showering. Relax in the warm tropical rain with sunny light and exotic aromas. Or become really wide awake and refreshed with the ice mist shower, its refreshing aroma and mint blue light.

Tropical rain: temperature approx. 35° C, exotic aroma, sunny light, once or several times 30-60 seconds  

Ice fog: temperature approx. 15° C, refreshing aroma, mint blue light, once or several times 30-60 seconds  


Panoramic indoor pool

For sporty tracks the panoramic indoor pool in the Eden Spa is open from morning to evening for you. Or enjoy the inspiring view of the Garden of Eden and the mountains of the Bernese Oberland from your deckchair.


Temperature: 28° C (approx. 82° F)

Length: 13m (42 ft)

Width: 6 m (20 ft)

Depth: 1.60 m (50 ft)

Children: only under supervision