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Our sustainability efforts

"Nature does not need to make an effort,
to be great. She is!"

- Robert Walser - 

My Climate - Cause We Care

The high-quality projects promote quantifiable climate protection and greater sustainability worldwide. myclimate has developed and supported 197 climate protection projects in 45 countries around the world since its foundation in 2002. Emissions are reduced there by replacing fossil energy resources with renewable energies, and by implementing local afforestation measures with smallholder farmers and energy-efficient technologies.

Cause Hotel Eden Spiez Care

  • You stay overnight with us and voluntarily make a small contribution of CHF 2.00 per night for sustainability and climate protection. If this is not in your interest, please let us know.
  • We will double your contribution and invest the entire sum in sustainability projects.
  • Together we take care of the environment to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy our nature again.
  • Climate neutral meetings and celebrations - With a contribution from your event you have the possibility to actively support local sustainability measures and to compensate the CO2 emissions of your event.

Go green option:

  • You waive the cleaning of your hotel room during your stay.
  • We donate CHF 5 per person per night from your room rate to our myclimate sustainability fund.

Solar Energy for Education and Jobs in Tanzania

2.5 billion people worldwide live without a reliable electricity source to fill their daily energy needs. They use inefficient and costly fuel-based lighting sources such as kerosene lamps, which greatly curtail their activities once darkness sets in. Mobisol, the programme developer, combines solar energy with innovative mobile technology and microfinance to provide high-tech solar home systems (SHS) to remote households across Africa.

A quarter of the entire "Cause we Care Fond", flows into this project.

Last year, our guests invested a total contribution of CHF 1525.00 in the project and Hotel Eden Spiez doubled the contribution.

Together for a more sustainable future!

Diversey - Sustainable cleaning

  • Hotel Eden Spiez is eco-certified by the Diversey company. 
  • Product group used: Pur-Eco
  • The Suma Pur-Eco products meet the strict environmental and safety standards of the internationally recognized EU eco-labels "EU Flower" or "Nordic Swan", which confirms their environmentally friendly characteristics. Their cleaning performance is guaranteed by strict customer testing and is based on Diversey's know-how and many years of experience in developing and selling certified products.

Room and bathroom

  • Cosmetics are packaged in biodegradable material.
  • Soap and lotion bottles are made of recycled plastic.
  • Laundry is changed based on need and can be individually controlled by our guests.
  • Our cleaning products are certified as environmentally friendly.

Simon & Josef - Personalized room cleaning

  • Room cards with a QR code can be found in all hotel rooms.
  • Scan the QR code and use the short survey to determine the room cleaning completely according to your own needs and wishes. No scan of the QR code means a complete cleaning of the hotel room every day.
  • In this way, the opportunities of digitalization are used efficiently and resources such as water, electricity and chemicals can be saved, which protects the environment and improves internal processes. 
  • This solution does not require any personal data at all and therefore guarantees the data protection guidelines.


  • Swisstainable Level II-engaged is a sustainability program of Switzerland Tourism.
  • With the Swisstainable program, we are committed to sustainable corporate management and continuous further development in this area.


ibex fairstay

  • ibex fairstay supports and certifies us on the way to sustainable management.
  • Sustainability is consciously anchored in our management. Internal structures and processes are adapted accordingly.
  • The careful use of resources is very important to us. We therefore pay attention to environmental compatibility and savings opportunities.
  • Value creation remains in the region as far as possible in order to strengthen it.

Arrival and departure

  • Free shuttle service to and from Spiez train station 
  • Four charging stations for electric cars in our parking garage
  • Bike cellar for all kinds of bikes 


  • Use of energy saving LED lamps.
  • The conference center is built according to the Minergie standard.
  • We heat the hotel and spa area with renewable energy due to our pellet heating system.
  • growing-solution-swiss: With these adjustments we save up to 100.000 kg CO2 emissions per year. The water heating and air conditioning systems have been optimized, a heat pump function has been implemented and the refrigerant has been replaced. It is a pleasure for us to improve the energy balance of the building in this way. 
  • The photovoltaic system on the roof produces electricity for the conference center.
  • Strict waste separation and recycling of all possible materials; organic waste is processed into bio-gas in the region.
  • Our straws are compostable.

Garden and environment

  • Rainwater cistern to use the rainwater for irrigation of the facility.
  • Native varieties of herbs and berries grow in our garden for our guests.
  • The spread of neophytes (invasive foreign plants) is consistently combated.
  • A high diversity of flowering plants and 2 insect hotels provide a life-friendly environment for insects.


  • We value regional suppliers and obtain many products from the region and direct from the producer.
  • Wherever possible and reasonable we use products from Switzerland.
  • We have developed a delivery concept with Rebbau Spiez that eliminates the need for cardboard boxes. Everything can be reused.
  • Fruits, berries, herbs, roots and vegetables we grow partly ourselves in our garden.