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Tours and trips in the Bernese Oberland

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Here are our suggestions for beautiful and exciting round trips:

Route 1: The Idyllic

  • 96 km long
  • from Spiez through Interlaken, Brienz, Beatenbucht, Oberhofen, Thun back to Spiez
  • Spiez in the direction of Faulensee to Interlaken
  • stopover in Interlaken
  • along the lakeside of Lake Brienz to the chalet village of Brienz, where a visit to the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum, a boat trip to the Giessbach Falls or a trip up the Brienzer Rothorn is possible
  • on the other side of the lake back towards Interlaken and Lake Thun
  • in Beaten Bay, a visit to the St. Beatus stalactite caves is recommended
  • on the way back to Spiez you can make a stop in Thun



Route 2: The Exotic

  • 284 km long
  • Spiez via Meiringen, Grimsel Pass, Furka Pass, Gotthard Pass, Nufenen Pass, Münster, Fiesch, Brig, Lötschberg, Frutigen back to Spiez.
  • one-day round trip over four Swiss Alpine passes: Grimsel, Furka, Gotthard and Nufenen
  • up to 8`000 metres in altitude are covered
  • from Spiez to Meiringen to the Grimsel Pass summit
  • visit to the historic Grimsel Hospiz restaurant and the Grimsel Stausee lake
  • detour to the Nufenen Pass, which connects the Rohne valley with Ticino
  • downhill into the high valley of Goms
  • with the Lötschberg car transport from Goppenstein to Kandersteg back to the Kander Valley and Frutigen
  • visit the Tropical House Frutigen with the first sturgeon fish farm in Switzerland
  • from Frutigen back to Spiez


Route 3: The Classical

  • 290 km long
  • Spiez via Meiringen, Sustenpass, Furkapass, Grimselpass back to Meiringen and Spiez
  • from Spiez via Meiringen up the Susten Pass
  • Susten, Furka and Grimsel Passes lie on the European watershed between the Mediterranean and the North Sea.
  • historic mule trails that were converted into high alpine roads in the 19th century
  • many viewing platforms invite you to take a photo stop
  • return along the right side of Lake Brienz 
  • visit to the Schnitzler village of Brienz
  • stop in Interlaken, a vibrant tourist centre
  • from Interlaken back to Spiez


Route 4: The Romantic

  • 200 km long
  • from Spiez via the Simmental, Gstaad, Col du Pillon, Bulle, Jaun Pass, Boltigen to Spiez
  • from Spiez through the Simmental to Gstaad
  • walk through Gstaad
  • over the Col du Pillon and the Col des Mosses into the cantons of Vaud and Fribourg
  • short stop in the historic quarter of Bulle or in the medieval town of Gruyères with its castle 
  • visit to the "Maison Cailler" in Broc near Bulles
  • over the Jaun Pass back to the Simmental and Spiez


Route 5: The traditional

  • 215 km long
  • from Spiez via Thun, Schallenberg, Eggiwil, Signau, Langnau, Trubschachen, Entlebuch, Lucerne, Brünig, Interlaken back to Spiez
  • via the winding road of the Schallenberg into the Emmental valley
  • visit to the Affoltern show dairy to learn the secrets of cheese production
  • taste and buy sweets at the "Kambly" pastry factory in Trubschachen
  • through the UNESCO biosphere reserve Entlebuch with its high moor and karst landscapes
  • visit the picture-book city of Lucerne
  • along Lake Lucerne, Lake Sarner and Lake Lungern over the Brünig Pass, past Interlaken, back to Spiez

Route 6: The Mystics

  • 294 km long
  • via Thun, Belp, Toffen, Riggisberg, Schwarzenburg, Fribourg, Bulle, Vevey, Montreux, Sion, Steg, Goppenstein and Kandersteg back to Spiez
  • from Spiez along the Aare valley to Belp
  • along the Gürbetal, where the Oldtimer Galerie International GmbH is located in Toffen
  • via Riggisberg and Schwarzenburg to Fribourg
  • visit to the "Maison Cailler" in Broc near Bulle
  • along the nature trail from Lausanne to Montreux, winegrowers invite visitors
  • in Corsier sur Vevey you can visit the "Chaplin's World" adventure museum
  • Nest - Nestlés in Vevey provides basic insights into the company
  • walk in Montreux 
  • drive up the picturesque Rhone Valley
  • between Sierre and Sion visit Europe's largest navigable underground lake 
  • with the Lötschberg car transport from Goppenstein to Kandersteg
  • On the way from Kandersteg to Spiez visit the Blausee

The tip of our operational assistant - Martina Seiler

"Whether by motorbike, convertible, sports car or even by bike - the passes and tours of our region offer a unique and beautiful landscape. Let yourself be bewitched by the impressions and nature!"

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